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Corpus Christi College Case Study

Oliver v5 makes my life easy as it is so simple to navigate and find information.

Dr Annette Pedersen, Head of Library
At a Glance
Chosen Solution
Supported Users
  • 1,280
Core Benefits to Users
  • Ease of use & flexibility
  • Value for money
Collection Size
  • 9,500 books; 475 serials
Library Staff
  • 1.5 FTE

About Corpus Christi College

In the first three decades since its foundation in 1983, Corpus Christi College has established a solid reputation as one of Western Australia’s leading Catholic co-educational secondary colleges.

At its 7-hectare site located 14 kilometres from Perth, the college welcomes boys and girls from Year 7 to Year 12. Its carefully-planned modern learning spaces include high-quality sporting and performing arts facilities and a Learning Centre incorporating both ICT and library services, which support and enrich all aspects of college life.

As an Apple Distinguished School, Corpus Christi College is focused on providing a world-class digital learning environment for students and staff. The college incorporates agile teaching and learning environments with innovative, progressive technologies and support, which enables teachers to connect students with information and opportunities to engage, create, and develop knowledge. The college library is the central point for various pedagogic projects and initiatives aimed at fostering literacy.

Choosing and implementing Oliver v5 for Corpus Christi College Library

Corpus Christi College Head of Library, Dr Annette Pedersen, said the college’s decision to move from Smart Library to Oliver v5 Hosted in January 2018 had been prompted by her own experience with Oliver v5 at a previous school, as well as the flexibility and value for money it offered.

“I worked with Oliver at John XXIII College. It is a superior product that’s very flexible and easy for staff and students to use. Budget was also a consideration.”

Annette said she had found the process of migrating to Oliver v5, and Softlink’s ability to deliver on promises, were excellent.

“The migration process went very smoothly and Softlink team members were very responsive to our needs.”

A library system that benefits the whole school community

Since implementing Oliver v5, Annette said both students and staff were enjoying the benefits of the new system.

“Oliver is simple for staff to use and also for non-library staff. It has an attractive interface for students and they also find it intuitive to use.”

Annette said having such an intuitive, reliable library system helped her manage the many responsibilities of her role, including teaching, setting up and delivering projects, and running the library without the help of a Library Technician or any specialist ICT knowledge.

“Oliver makes my life easy as it is so simple to navigate and find information.”

Looking to the future, Annette said she was excited to further explore the flexibility and engagement possibilities offered by Oliver v5.

Find out more about the process of implementing Oliver v5