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Brighton Grammar School  Case Study

Oliver is easy to operate and administer, providing a rich experience for users.

Jenni Neal, Past Head of Library
At a Glance
Chosen Solution

Oliver v5

Core Challenge
  • Finding a system that can utilise RFID tags after installing them
Key Objectives
  • Obtain a library system that is reliable and easy to operate and administer
  • Excellent support
  • Attractive, intuitive interface for students
  • Affordable price
LMS Users
  • Approx. 1200 students
Library Sites
  • 3 branches – separate sites
  • 40,000 physical,
  • 10,000 digital
Library Staff
  • 5 full time, 1 part time
Core Benefits
  • Improved search capabilities
  • Keyword and predictive text search
  • Reduced need for library staff assistance
  • Users able to manage catalogue more easily
  • Level of support is very good

About Brighton Grammar School

Brighton Grammar School  library

Based in Melbourne, Brighton Grammar School is an independent Anglican boys’ school with a focus on tailoring teaching methods and programs to meet the unique learning styles and interests of boys, with a curriculum that engages, excites and challenges each student.

The School has three different libraries servicing the Junior, Middle, and Senior Schools, providing physical and digital resources to support the curriculum and foster reading for pleasure. The library assists staff and students in developing skills and engaging with media and technology, as well as offering equipment loan, computing facilities and publishing services.

Gaining long term benefits with Oliver

Since 2008, Brighton Grammar has used Oliver to manage over 40,000 physical resources and 10,000 digital resources. What prompted them to change was a “high price and low level of support” with their previous system, according to Jenni Neal, Past Head of Library at Brighton Grammar School.

“Oliver is easy to operate and administer, providing a rich experience for users.”

“Our previous provider introduced us to an RFID system for self check-out and security. We tagged all the books in our Senior School Library. One year after our implementation of that product they withdrew support for it,” she said.

In searching for a new Library Management System, Brighton Grammar were looking for one that was “easy to operate and administer, reliable, and had an attractive, intuitive interface for students”.

Oliver v5 was recommended to Brighton Grammar and they soon discovered that it met their needs.

Brighton Grammar School  library

“We understood that Oliver v5 would provide lots of useful features out of the box without needing a lot of customisation to give us the services we want,” said Jenni.

“The price was also not too high and the product was tailored to the school environment.”

As Brighton Grammar has used Oliver v5 for quite a number of years, they have discovered that it has provided their libraries with many benefits.

“Using Oliver has reduced library staff time in a number of areas, such as system management and processing overdue items. It has also saved money, being much cheaper than our previous system.”

“We’ve also received improved search capabilities with keyword and predictive text searching. There is a reduced need for staff assistance as users are able to manage the catalogue interface more easily.”

Brighton Grammar School has been a proud user of Oliver since 2008.

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