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In-School Promotional Resources

Softlink has developed a number of promotional resources for your in-school use.

Posters have been sized to allow for printing up to A1 size and can be printed on your school printers or supplied to your preferred commercial printing company for professional printing. Bookmarks have been supplied with printers marks for professional printing. If you require these files in a different format please contact marketing@softlinkint.com.

Special Days for 2024 (Term 1)

On popular demand here is your calendar for Special Days for Term 1 2024.  Download your Special Days Calendar for Term 1 here

Oliver and Orbit Badges

Celebrate students reading achievements with these Oliver and Orbit badges. 

To download the Oliver and Orbit badges click here

Badge Certificates

Panda playing drums

When students earn a badge in Oliver v5, these badge certificates are an excellent means to both encourage reading and showcase their acquired skills.

To download the Oliver badge certificates click here

To download the Orbit badge certificates click here

​Genre Posters and Spine Labels

Using the genre icons in Oliver v5, these genre posters and spine labels are a great way to introduce students to your system and help them to locate books.

To download the posters click here

To download the spine labels click here

Genre bingo

Encourage students to sample a variety of genres while teaching them how to locate books in your system!

Things you can do with Oliver poster and bookmark

OK Oliver poster

Download A3 sized PDF (1.4MB)

Download bookmark (240KB)

An Epic Adventure Awaits poster and bookmark

​Download A3 sized landscape PDF (1.8 MB)

Download A3 sized landscape electronic (340 KB)

Download A3 sized portrait PDF (754 KB)

Download bookmark (247 KB)

Take an adventure with Orbit poster and bookmark

Orbit posters and bookmark

Download A3 sized PDF (1.5MB)

Download A3 sized Landscape PDF (1.5MB)


Download bookmark (688KB)

Blast off with Orbit poster

Download A1 sized PDF (7.3MB)

Download A3 sized PDF (2.9MB)

Bookmark (349KB)

Take a Journey Through Orbit poster and bookmark

Journey through Orbit poster

Download A1 sized PDF (5.7MB)

Download A3 sized PDF (2.3MB)


Download bookmark (629KB)