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Reducing IT infrastructure costs across the school network

Streamlining IT Infrastructure costs can be a challenge across Education Departments and Offices. Every aspect of your IT network needs to work efficiently in order to maintain system wide stability.

The Oliver v5 library management system not only provides departments and education offices with reliability, but it can also help lower your IT costs.

How can Oliver v5 help your department to reduce IT costs?

  • Updates, patches, backups and other maintenance tasks can be centrally administered by your head office IT staff.
  • The time, IT costs and internal helpdesk support associated with workstation based installations is eliminated by Oliver v5’s fully browser based access.
  • Softlink provides departments with the option of a secure cloud-hosted Oliver v5 solution, reducing your capital expenditure on infrastructure and related maintenance costs.
  • Oliver v5 has been built on reliable, modern SQL technology for faster performance, improved security and wider support for modern browsers and HTML5.