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Well-resourced school libraries are key to positive student learning outcomes. Oliver v5 can assist school libraries to engage students and offer access to quality, relevant resources that align with your curriculum and support academic achievement.

With Oliver v5 implemented across all schools, your curriculum planning staff will be able to

  • Provide consistent learning opportunities for all students. Your curriculum team can deliver curated resources, such as lists of websites, direct to the school library catalogue.
  • Deliver an effective eBook program that provides school libraries with equitable access to textbooks and other resources that support the curriculum.
  • Publish department-produced videos, audio or print resources to the school library catalogue.
  • Facilitate discussion between school library staff on best practices for enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes.

With an OverDrive shared collection your curriculum planning staff can

  • Access the largest selection of K-12 content in one place.
  • Curate a custom collection of titles developed specifically for your curriculum.
  • Reduce waiting lists by providing access to additional copies of popular download titles.