The University Hospital of South Manchester

With enhanced search functionality, reading lists and carousels, finding information is so much easier for our users.

Donna Schofield, Library Manager

The University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust (UHSM) is a major teaching  hospital providing services for adults and children at Wythenshawe Hospital and the community. With a range of specialities the hospital is highly recognised for the quality of its teaching, research and development.

UHSM has been using Liberty as their library management solutions since 2012. Liberty supports the Trust’s vision to deliver the best research and education by delivering access to services and resources to support approximately 5,900 staff and placement students.

Choosing Liberty for library management

The library holds more than eight thousand books, printed journals and reports along with over 1000 electronic journals and books. Prior to Liberty the registration workflows were paper-based and manual therefore labour intensive.  With Liberty UHSM have the benefit of self-registration, with computers placed within the library to enable users to instantly register to join the library. This has made the process more seamless and requiring less staff administration.

Before Liberty users were able to search online to find resources but the end-user experience was not streamlined within one user portal.

Liberty was recognised by the UHSM librarians as the ideal solution to efficiently manage and deliver access to all resources securely from any location at any time. 

Gaining efficient workflows with Liberty

The librarians at UHSM have increased their productivity by spending less time on completing tasks which are now automated by Liberty. The amount of time cataloguing resources has been reduced with content instantly available and removing the need to catalogue individual resources.

Librarians have the facility to send reminder and overdue notices automatically. Library users can renew their loans and check their outstanding fines easily using the renewal link sent in the notification. This process greatly reduced the time spent by library staff renewing loans over the phone, via email or in person.

Donna further comments

With Liberty we have experienced an increase in the time we have available through use of the automatic workflows in Liberty. Tasks we spent a lot of time on previously are much quicker. Having to spend less time using the easy cataloguing module means the team can develop the service in other areas. Users can update their account and renew their loans online saving them time compared to having to visit the library to do so

Discovering & delivering information

As a cloud based solution, Liberty has improved the users experience at UHSM by allowing 24/7 access to resources from any location and using any device with an internet connection. Health professionals working anywhere on the hospital site or remotely can securely access the information they need when they need it.

Donna comments

Making the information more easily accessible at any time with Liberty is helping hospital staff find information more quickly so they can make better informed decisions to improve patient care, which is a trust priority

With the vast amount of resources available, locating exactly what you need may seem difficult. Liberty ensures the discovery and delivery of information is seamless. New or important resources can be highlighted to library users at UHSM using the portal page carousel. 

The carousel can be customised according to health speciality or by subject and is a quick, engaging and simple way for the library to communicate with users.

Donna comments

With the flexibility to customise Liberty, we’ve not only made library resources easier to find but their usage also more engaging. With enhanced search functionality, reading lists and carousels, finding information is so much easier for our users

The majority of journals to support UHSM staff are electronic and Liberty has delivered a one stop area for all UHSM e-Journal content, further enhancing the discovery of information.