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Build your community of school librarians and promote communication, collaboration and academic achievement at all schools in your department.

Replacing multiple, disparate systems with a centralised Oliver v5 library management system will assist your library services staff to

  • Empower school libraries to improve education outcomes for their students. Oliver v5 offers flexibility with a variety of age-appropriate tools that make it easier to find and access physical, digital and online resources.
  • Facilitate the sharing of resources among your school library community. Oliver v5 makes it easy for teachers and students to find resources at other schools, while also providing administration tools to streamline interlibrary loan processes.
  • Encourage consistency in library management processes across the department to provide a seamless transition for library staff, teachers and students as they move between schools.
  • Utilise consistent reporting formats, which can further guide decision making and showcase the performance of your school libraries.

With a centralised OverDrive eBook collection you can

  • Leverage the seamless integration between Oliver v5 and OverDrive to deliver an effective and equitable eBook solution.
  • Choose from over 500,000 popular and educational titles to curate a curriculum-aligned collection of eBooks, audiobooks, streaming video and music resources.