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Deliver on your overall IT strategy while meeting the unique needs of the multiple school libraries you support.

By centralising Oliver v5 across all schools in your education department, you will be able to

  • Eliminate time and costs associated with school-based installation and updates. Oliver v5 is fully browser-based with no local workstation installation required.
  • Improve return on investment and create a seamless portal by integrating Oliver v5 with existing school systems such as school intranet sites, eBook providers and other information management tools.
  • Reduce your infrastructure investment and maintenance with Softlink’s secure cloud-hosting services. Self-hosted options are also available.
  • Receive comprehensive technical support services from a global network of industry professionals who have been developing library solutions for over thirty years.

A market leader for 35+ years, Softlink enables library management and technology best practices so you save time and effort on the school library system.

So Simple to Install & Maintain

Available as a hosted solution, SaaS or on-prem installation, Softlink’s Oliver is intentionally easy to implement and maintain. With data migration and installation services available from our team to simplify go-live, once installed, all you need is an internet connection. 

  • No workstation installation required
  • Responsive, local software support team

Easy Implementation

Softlink’s easy 3-step implementation process will have your new system installed fast and operating smoothly without disrupting your everyday operations.
Step 1: Upload your data to Softlink’s secure servers
Step 2: Softlink migrates your data into Oliver and provides a report for your approval
Step 3: Softlink uploads the converted data into Oliver in preparation for training.

Integrates with School-wide Systems 
Implemented in over 6,000 schools, Oliver integrates with major school and library systems such as School Management Systems,
eBooks providers and Library databases through best practice utilisation of API’s, library protocols and Single Sign On.

Data Security 

Whether on-prem, SaaS or hosted, Oliver is built on an SQL database and hosted according to the strictest security principles.

Key Security Features Include:

  • ISO 27001 standards for data protection
  • ISO 27018 for cloud protection
  • Abides GDPR regulation in European/ UK regions
  • Oliver has successfully qualified to be part of the Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) program
  • Security Registered Assessor Program (IRAP) compliant Data Centres
  • Security features including monitored endpoint protection, firewalls and vulnerability scanning
  • Proactive management and monitoring of Oliver by Softlink’s technical team

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