Researchers and Research Librarians need expert search and management tools and optimum integration with resources to streamline their inquiries, save time and achieve the best results.

Softlink solutions provide maximum search capability and offer tools to assist Research Librarians to manage research requests and improve service delivery.

Some of the ways you can benefit:

  • Simple and advanced search options - Fast and accurate results with minimal typing through full text and intuitively structured search options
  • Predictive searching - Relevant, collection specific search results leading to better research outcomes
  • Federated Search - Advanced research capacity with access to organisation subscribed databases without leaving the catalogue
  • Deep digital integration - Enriched experience and better selection capability with access to eResource borrow and download within the public Search interface
  • Full text indexing of electronic records  - Discover so much more with search results including full text indexing of all electronic resources, from the moment they are added

In addition, Softlink’s Knowledge and Request Management System, illumin, can help Research Librarians to track, manage, and publish research queries and develop a reusable Knowledge Base of research responses.