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Softlink conducts annual school library industry survey

September 05, 2016

Call for participation: 2016 Australian and New Zealand School Library Survey.

Softlink is inviting Teacher Librarians and library staff across Australia and New Zealand to participate in the 2016 Australian and New Zealand School Library Survey. Click here to participate

The 2016 School Library Survey represents the seventh year of the survey for Australian schools and the second for New Zealand schools. 

Softlink’s Managing Director, Nathan Godfrey, said the survey captures information and trends pertinent to school libraries and education stakeholders in Australia and New Zealand.

‘The survey results provide a benchmark for individual schools as well as presenting an industry overview.’

The survey commenced in 2010 to represent the school library industry and advocate the value of school librarians in the 2010 Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher Librarians.

Softlink has continued the survey to identify industry issues and trends, and to advocate for the development of information services in education.

‘The survey ensures that current and accurate information is available to position school libraries as the valuable knowledge, content and learning centres that they are,’ Nathan said.

Softlink is proud to support school libraries and Teacher Librarians across Australia and New Zealand.

‘School libraries improve educational outcomes when they are properly resourced and led by passionate, engaged individuals with a vision for the role their library plays within the school community,’ Nathan said.

Data from the survey is used to chart and compare trends in school library budget and staffing levels, predict technology and resourcing trends, and understand the primary services and objectives of school libraries in the region.  

For Australian schools, the survey maps the relationship between literacy levels and library funding and resourcing through NAPLAN results.

Findings from the 2016 Australian and New Zealand School Library Survey will be provided to participating schools, industry groups and government departments in late 2016.

‘We hope all Australian and New Zealand schools will participate in this year’s survey, to ensure their voice is heard and to maintain a high level of industry representation.’

Schools wishing to participate in the 2016 School Library Survey can submit their responses online at 2016 Australian and New Zealand School Library Survey.