Softlink announces the formation of two new customer centric business units

July 24, 2016

Taking effect on 25 July 2016, Softlink’s newly aligned organisational structure will focus on delivering even more innovative responses to the specific needs of its two major customer groups, education and information centres.

Managing Director Nathan Godfrey, said the formation of the two specific divisions is based on continuing growth and a commitment to providing innovative and specialised responses to the needs of the education and information centre sectors.

‘The formation of the new business units allows Softlink to focus on leading-edge solutions which respond directly to the specific needs of our two customer groups.’  

Softlink’s Education division will be led by Hillary Noye. Hillary has over 30 years’ experience with technology and education, including 8 years with Softlink, providing significant contribution to solutions which continue to meet the changing needs of school libraries.  

Softlink’s Information Centres division will be led by John Crook. John has managed Development and Professional Services departments within Softlink for over a decade. John is committed to understanding the unique needs of Information Centre professionals, and travels the globe regularly to meet with individual customers or user groups. 

The organisational structure also includes the introduction of a new Customer Community Manager role for each division, focussed on building communities and ensuring user value.

Softlink looks forward to delivering dynamic solutions and services which continue to grow and meet the needs of Educators and Information Centre professionals globally.