New customers and updates for illumin request and knowledge management solution

June 01, 2016

The popularity of illumin continues to grow with three new customers recently implementing the request and knowledge management solution. The system has also recently been enhanced with a number of updates.

Following the updates, researchers can now raise requests in to illumin via email by cc’ing or forwarding emails as attachments to illumin. Also, emails sent from the Request Detail screen feature two new check boxes providing the option to include the request details and the request history with the email.

New administration maintenance tools provides customers the ability to purge requests. The job can be configured to delete requests entered according to when they were entered for a given set of request statuses.  The optional shred flag allows for all data on the purged requests, including audit logs, to be completely removed from illumin's database.

Updates have also been made to the illumin Analytics feature. Custom fields can be displayed in the Analytics screen. The option to select Request Number under Dimensions in the Analytics screen is also now available. In the query results, the request numbers display as a link. Clicking a request number link will open the request in a new window.

Further information on these and the full set of illumin updates is available through the Help menu of illumin.

Click here to find out more about illumin or contact a Softlink representative.

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