OverDrive is an annual subscription that allows students 24/7 online access to a digital collection of eBooks, audiobooks, music and streaming video.

Like your iTunes library you start out with an empty system and build your digital library to suit the specialised needs of your school curriculum. Similar to an iTunes account, you populate your OverDrive School Download library using your collection credits. If you run out of credit, you can easily purchase more at any time.

Your school Collection Development/Curriculum staff are able to select from a vast catalogue of resources as well as have the ability to upload your own local content, apply Digital Rights Management to it and distribute to your clients.

Students, staff and parents can browse your collection and check out titles online, then read in the browser with OverDrive Read or download to a wide variety of devices using the OverDrive App.

Softlink is the authorised supplier of OverDrive eBooks for Australian and New Zealand schools.

Licensing Models

Option 1: eBooks now

OverDrive offer K-12, Primary and Secondary shared collections. Each collection currently offers 1,250+ titles, this includes 1,000+ individual titles selected by educators and content experts.

You also have the option to add titles on through an Advantage collection, allowing you to customise the collection to suit your cohort.

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Option 2: School Download Library

OverDrive provides your school with 24/7 online access to your own digital collection of eBooks and audio books, streaming Videos & Music that your school selects from a vast catalogue of over 2.2 million titles. Students browse your collection and check out titles online, and download to enjoy offline.

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Some OverDrive Statistics

  • 2.2 million eBooks, narrated eBooks, audiobooks, music and videos available for Australia across a full range of subjects and 5,000 publishers
  • Content formats - eBooks, Audiobooks, Music & Streaming Video
  • Over 50,000 Australian titles
  • Exclusive rights to the complete Harry Potter series
  • 195.5 million checkouts worldwide in 2016
  • 36,000+ libraries worldwide
  • 1,000+ libraries in Australia
  • OverDrive App was rated the top app in its market

Some OverDrive Technologies for Greater Usability

  • Two-page view for displaying fixed-layout spreads
  • Menus live behind the eBooks’ pages, eliminating reading distractions
  • Narration (for supported eBooks)
  • Dyslexic font option for the OverDrive App
  • Sync reading progress across devices
  • Titles can be enjoyed online or offline
  • Bookmarking, note-taking and search tools

OverDrive Resources For Your School