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Students Need School Libraries

Resources related to the webinar hosted by Softlink Education on Wednesday 19th September 2018 featuring Holly Godfree, Campaign Coordinator, are included below.

While the Students Need School Libraries campaign is an Australian initiative, this webinar attracted significant global interest, with registrants from many other countries including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the UK, Samoa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Ecuador, China and more.


If you are visiting from outside Australia, we welcome you and hope you will find value in the webinar and related resources.

To contact Holly, please email

The webinar recording is available at the link below.

Wondering what you can do next to support the campaign? Here are some suggested first steps

  1. Visit and bookmark the campaign website. Check back regularly for updates and additional resources as the campaign progresses.
  2. Join the conversation on Twitter: follow @NeedSchoolLibs and use the hashtag #StudentsNeedSchoolLibraries
  3. Spread the word - Like and follow the campaign Facebook page and invite your friends to like and follow. You can also make a huge impact simply by starting conversations within your own networks. To assist you, the Students Need School Libraries campaign has made available a number of resources on its Toolkits & Handouts page.
  4. Take action! The resources available on the campaign website include how-to’s, templates, and guides aimed at facilitating impactful activism. There are also printable infographics and promotional items for your library, as well as several short films that are easy to share on social media.

Webinar recording

Webinar slides

Holly has kindly made her presentation slides available.

Questions and Answers

In this section, we have compiled some answers to questions raised during the webinar.

What is the recommended staffing for Australian school libraries?

This document, published by the Australian School Library Association (ASLA), includes information on the recommended minimum information services centre staffing, together with other considerations that schools should take into account when determining staffing requirements.

What is ‘Learning for the Future’?

The full title of this ASLA publication is Learning for the Future: developing information services in schools (2nd edition).


It is available for purchase from the ASLA website.

What training is available for school library staff in Australia?

Please refer to the following links to see the accredited professional learning courses available for teacher librarians and information specialists in Australia.

Courses for Teacher Librarianship Offered across Australia


ALIA list of accredited courses and qualifications

What further reading do you recommend?

  • Godfree, H. & Neilson, O. (2014). We are the weather makers. Access, 28(2), 14-23.
  • Godfree, H. & Neilson, O. (2018). School libraries matter! The missing piece in the education puzzle. Access, 32(1), 28-40.
  • Johnson, V. (2007) Life after Fenwick: the rise, fall and future of library services for children in Australia. Adelaide: Auslib.
  • Weldon, P. (2016). What the Staff in Australia’s Schools surveys tell us about teachers working in school libraries. In ACEReSearch.

Attendee voice: comments from the webinar chat log

We have compiled comments from the webinar chat log. The comments are copied in full, with all identifying information removed except for initials.