Dianne McKenzie

Director and Educator at School Librarian Connection, Dianne is a passionate educator who continually strives to deliver improvements in her and others’ teaching and learning practice. Dianne has run school library conferences from Hong Kong through to China, Korea and the Czech Republic as well as having worked in school libraries throughout Asia and Australia.

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Twitter: @schlibcon

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Keynote presentation

Diversity in Libraries: Connecting Students to the World

How many stories do you have in your school library? How many different stories about the same people, country, event or ideas? What are the stories you are comfortable with and how does that affect how you do your job?

This presentation will focus on how school librarians can identify the stories that are being shared through the resources in the school, how we need to be mindful of the messages and stereotypes that are being perpetuated, how to include multiple views, perspectives, perplexities, authenticity and controversies within the collection and why this is important. It will explore the questions that need to be considered and how we as librarians can be made aware of our personal biases when we develop collections.

Secondary and K-12 stream presentation

Evidence Based Practice

How do you know what you are doing is actually achieving what you think it is achieving?

School librarians spend quite a bit of time doing many different roles and jobs, but are they all equal? Is the time and energy spent on these events and activities actually enhancing learning or improving students lives? This short presentation will explore the following understandings of Evidence for practice, Evidence in practice, Evidence of practice based on Ross Todds “Evidence based Manifesto for School Librarians.” Participants will identify a practice they wish to evaluate or justify. Determine how they will find and document the evidence to support the practise, then plan for action research to collect the evidence and identify the best method to present the evidence to make changes or justify the status quo.

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