Softlink conducts annual school library industry survey

September 19, 2017
Softlink conducts annual school library industry survey

Call for participation: 2017 UK School Library Survey

Softlink is inviting school libraries in the United Kingdom to participate in the 2017 UK School Library Survey. Click here to participate.

The annual survey gathers information on current school library budgets, resourcing, trends and preferred practices.

Softlink Education General Manager, Hillary Noye, said the survey is an important source of current information for education decision makers, and for managers and library practitioners in schools.

"The survey results provide a benchmark for individual schools as well as facilitating shared practices and presenting an industry overview," he said.

Findings from previous reports have been used to inform studies on issues affecting school libraries.

Softlink commenced the survey in the UK in 2015, following the success of similar surveys in the Southern Hemisphere.

Combined, these regional reports provide a valuable global perspective on school libraries.

"The survey helps to build a critical reference point for understanding changes, impacts and trends over time while providing a solid basis for school library advocacy," Hillary said.

Softlink would like to thank JCS Online Resources and SCIS for their support of the UK School Library Survey.

Findings from the 2017 UK School Library Survey will be provided to participating schools, industry groups and government departments in early 2018.

"We welcome all school librarians and library staff in the UK to participate in this year’s survey, to ensure their voice is heard and to maintain a high level of industry representation.”

*This survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.