Introducing the Softlink Education Support Teams


Introducing the Softlink Education Support Teams

Great support comes from a combination of personal care, knowledge and access to resources. It improves your software experience, and your day!  A core focus for Softlink is the delivery of high quality support, in the form of inbuilt help resources, free webinars, videos and of course, personal access to our in-house team of support champions.

The teams thrive on helping school libraries get the most out of their school library system, and based on some of the feedback they get, it seems our users agree!

We put this blog together to celebrate our Education Support Champions, based in both the Australian and UK offices, help you put a face to a name, and share some of the wonderful feedback the teams receive on a daily basis.

We also asked them what they like most about their job. It turned out there were a lot of things but one of the major themes was the enjoyment and satisfaction they get from working with and helping our users.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our Support heroes as much as we, as a broader Softlink Team, enjoy working with them.

The encouragement, appreciation and feedback the teams receive on a daily basis is truly inspiring. We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thankyou to our many customers for making our job, organisation wide, so enjoyable and rewarding.  

Southern Hemisphere Team

Ian W, Customer Support Manager

I love that I lead a team who are all dedicated and motivated to provide the best possible service to our customers.


Cameron, Technical Support Analyst

I enjoy helping clients improve the way they do things, to help answer their questions or put forward an efficient way to improve a process that a client may use every day.

It is a rewarding feeling to know that they are happy with the service you have provided as well as making their day using the software a little better every day onward.


Candice, Technical Support Analyst

I enjoy helping library staff do what they need to do using Softlink library management systems. It is especially satisfying when I am able to provide support that leaves the librarian with a better understanding of how the system works.


Ian B, Technical Support Analyst

I really love the team I work with!


Joel, Technical Support Analyst

The thing I like most about working on the support team is developing positive relationships with the library staff and IT teams that I work with. Nothing beats the rewarding feeling of helping someone solve a problem and receiving a big thank-you!



Lyndsay, Technical Support Analyst

I love the people I work with – the customers, DoE and Softlink staff.


Martin, Technical Support Analyst

I like that I work with a good support team to work with friendly attitudes. I also like that the work is varied, with new challenges from day to day.


Steve, Technical Support Analyst

I like being able to assist people and to make a difference in their lives.  Sometimes these are people I work with, and other times they are clients.  Sometimes that might be by answering their questions, other times it might be by finding places in Oliver where we can make a change to help them in their job, other times it might be by training them.

I like problem solving (and I like to think I’m not too bad at it), and I’m in a position to be able to use this ability to help people.

I feel fortunate that I work with people who are fun to be around, yet are serious about their own jobs.


Vivi, Technical Support Analyst

The best thing about this job is helping people that need help.

It’s always a pleasure hanging up the phone knowing that the knowledge you shared with another individual has helped them with a previously problematic task.


Northern Hemisphere Team

Steve, Customer Services Manager

I love coming to work every day at Softlink, I get to work within a great team of people. No two days are the same and personally I get a great deal of satisfaction from being to help fellow librarians with their support questions as they help develop the next generation of potential thought leaders and influencers.


John, Technical Support Consultant

I like my job at Softlink Support as I get a sense of achievement when I help our clients with their problems.


James, Customer Care Analyst Support

It’s always a great feeling when you can help a customer with an issue they have been struggling with and I am able to resolve it for them.


Rhonda, Senior Consultant

The most rewarding part of my job is helping our clients to find the answer to a long term difficulty, and giving them the confidence to use Oliver at a higher level than they previously thought was possible.