Commemorating our Veterans in the School Library


Commemorating our Veterans in the School Library

Armistice Day is this weekend, Saturday 11th November.

Around the world, it’s an occasion to reflect and remember the sacrifice of those who fought and suffered tragic losses in two world wars last century, and in countless other conflicts before and since.

Schools have a special role to play in helping young people engage in remembrance, and develop a deeper understanding of world events in the hope of building a more peaceful future. As well as offering book selections for students to quietly discover on their own,  school libraries host a range of activities related to Armistice/Veterans’ day, including read-aloud sessions, group discussions, guest speaker sessions, and creative activities.

Several of the entries we’ve received in the Softlink Library Display Competition are the result of students’ exploration of themes such as World War I & II, ANZACs, sacrifice, military conflict and auxiliary services. These are displayed below, together with a selection of reading recommendations to share with your students. We hope you find them useful.

Lest we forget.


Stratton Upper School, Bedfordshire, England created a display to mark 100 years since the start of WWI and to honour the local soldiers who died. Each poppy had a soldier’s name on it.

Peter Moyes Anglican Community School, Western Australia entered its display, 100 years of ANZAC spirit.

Linden Park Primary School, South Australia, created this touching display featuring poppies hand-made by students, surrounding a lone digger painted by one of the Librarians.

St John's School Wiltshire, United Kingdom, sent us several photos of its display commemorating World War I.

St John's School Wiltshire, United Kingdom, remembering the auxiliary services that played an essential role in the war effort.

St Laurence's College, Queensland, Australia, sent this poignant ANZAC Day display.

Redbank Plains State High School, Queensland, Australia, made this ANZAC display that combines historical and present-day symbols of the ANZAC spirit. 

If you're searching for inspiration for your library or classrooms this November, the following sites have plenty of quality resources, including video links, posters, and interactive activities:

Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs 

Library Learning Commons 

Victorian Government Anzac Centenary website 

Veterans' Affairs Canada 

Australian War Memorial 

The Softlink Library Display Competition is accepting entries until 17 November 2017. You can enter as many displays into the competition as you like. Voting will open mid-November and will close early December.