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Raising your School Library profile

Promoting the services a school library delivers, raises its profile and contribution to academic achievement as well as encouraging students and staff to engage with the library.

Oliver v5 offers a number of ways to support raising the library profile.

Engaging functionality

The recommendations-based Browse Lists interface provides a highly personalised user experience and reflects the look and feel of popular online platforms such as streaming services.

Embedded videos, images, home-page customisations, ratings, reviews, book carousels, author videos and book quizzes helps a School Librarian engage with students and teaching staff.

Communicate library services

Oliver can be a communication tool for the library by using the News page to communicate directly with students and staff about competitions, book clubs or library events through embedded images, videos, banners and carousels.

Lesson planning

Guiding teaching staff on using Oliver to discover learning resources, create reading and course lists as well as sharing resources across departments can elevate the role the library plays in the curriculum.


Advanced reporting tools in Oliver v5 can demonstrate the value of the library, inform senior management about library services and the effect on student achievement; advocating the role of the school library to senior management and decision makers.

Anytime, anywhere learning accessibility

As a fully web based solution, Oliver v5 can be accessed from any device 24/7 therefore extending library services outside of the library walls. This allows students and teaching staff to use Oliver v5 to discover learning resources from their classroom or at home.