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Reducing IT related costs

The role of an IT team in a school is a challenging and demanding one. With multiple systems to manage it can be difficult to access support for library software internally and often compete with other departments.

A cloud hosted library management system removes the reliance on internal IT teams and reduces costs associated with additional hardware and system upgrades.

Softlink’s cloud hosted service reduces IT related costs while also achieving better system performance and worry-free technical support.

  • Softlink’s technical team takes care of all maintenance, monitoring and management of Oliver v5, improving its availability and providing faster performance.
  • Freeing up internal IT teams to spend more time on IT strategy and projects.
  • Receive dedicated technical support from the team who know the system best.
  • Achieve better return on investment at a time when school budgets are already stretched as the solution reduces expenditure on purchasing and maintaining servers.
  • Hosting is more flexible with the option to extend memory space if system functionality is enhanced and upgrades can be completed a time convenient for the school library.