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Integrating with school-wide systems

Aligning the multiple systems used in a school helps the IT team co-ordinate them more effectively. Ensuring the library management software is integrated with other school systems makes it easier for the IT team to manage the library requirements.

Oliver v5 integrates with various school systems through SIP2 protocols, API technology and authentication helping to place the library at the centre of learning and at the heart of the school.

  • Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP2) enables Oliver v5 to integrate with self-service technology, library security solutions and eBook systems – reducing staff time, improving circulation and access to online resources.
  • With web API technology Oliver v5 can integrate with any school system or third party application including school VLE systems, meaning students can access the library when working on projects or coursework.
  • Schools with a Single-Sign On approach can enable instant access to Oliver via their SSO portal, reducing the need for students and staff to remember multiple log-in details.
  • Integration with school Management Information Systems (MIS) means student records can be automatically updated in Oliver v5, reducing administration time and helping to maintain an up to date library user database.