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Improving literacy and academic achievement

Student academic achievement is a key objective for school management and literacy plays a pivotal role in improving student performance. The school library is the central hub for learning and research and its role supports management in improving literacy levels and student academic achievement school wide.

How can Oliver v5 support academic achievement in schools?

  • Reports can be created on reading levels helping to identify improving areas and those that require more assistance - by class, gender, year groups or individual student.
  • Offering advanced and federated search, Oliver v5 supports students in developing research skills for further education.
  • Oliver v5 delivers a platform to easily discover all learning resources available, along with integration with other school learning systems, students can access information anytime, any place supporting their academic development.
  • With enriched optional extras in Oliver v5 including Accelerated Read book quizzes, eBook integration and federated search; students engage more with the library, are encouraged to read and use the library resources for their academic projects.