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Achieving a return on investment

With budgets stretched in schools, it is vital that school management teams can identify the benefits of all investments including software. Having relevant information available to demonstrate the value of investments is important to school management.

How can Oliver v5 support school management in achieving a return on investment?

  • Detailed statistical reports can be created in one click on stock and usage levels, popular items or lost items helping to plan future expenditure in areas that provide the most value.
  • Track and manage multiple learning resources in one system school wide, including books, online resources, IT equipment, learning equipment or departmental resources.
  • With the ability to integrate with multiple school systems including VLE’s, MIS’s, subscriptions and eBook platforms plus many more - Oliver v5 increases the use of all systems by students and staff, increasing the value of the investment in all systems.
  • Oliver v5 can be accessed from school, at home or on the go from multiple internet enabled devices – extending the access to and use of the library resources.
  • Implementing a hosted library system supports a school in reducing costs with no additional hardware requirements as well as all management, monitoring and maintenance taken care of by Softlink’s technical specialists.