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Uppingham School  Case Study

Our pupils are really impressed by the interactivity that Oliver offers.

Sue Wray, Director of Library & Learning Resources, Uppingham School

Improving pupil access to learning resources with Oliver v5

Uppingham School is a co-educational independent school located in Leicestershire. Established in 1584, Uppingham is renowned for its music and performing arts achievements. With 790 pupils aged 13-18 of which 770 board at the school, Uppingham School is one of the leading independent schools in England.

Pupil learning resources

The pupil learning resources consist of a large number of paper based academic resources in the school library as well as subject department books which are located around the school. Uppingham are changing how pupils access information aiming to make learning resources more available and improve how pupils use information.

The school has been using the Alice library management software from Softlink for many years and took the decision to utilise the new technology offered by Oliver v5 in order to support them in achieving improved access to learning resources for pupils.

Sue Wray, Director of Library & Learning Resources at Uppingham School explains:

“We are making changes to how we provide access to learning resources to pupils at Uppingham. We are focusing on making the resources easier to find and implement improvement on how pupils’ use information, moving to Oliver v5 is a key component to us achieving this."

Moving from Alice to Oliver v5

The decision to move to Oliver v5 meant Uppingham School could ease the use of the library system for pupils and teaching staff as well as taking advantage of the functionality it offers. Moving to a system built on new technology which is more user-friendly has been a popular choice for both pupils and teaching staff. Sue continues:

“Our pupils are really impressed by the interactivity that Oliver offers and the make-over from Alice. There is so much more they can do to interact with the library, such as weblinks and video clips as well as being able to easily find their learning resources."

By changing to Oliver Uppingham have been able to widen the range of resources which pupils can easily access. Their subscription databases, ClickView video clips and curriculum weblinks are all available in one click in Oliver v5.

Sue further comments,

“Oliver is very easy for our pupils to use, they can find books and resources so much more quickly from anywhere in the school. With home page customisations, book carousels and embedded videos the library seems so much more exciting and interactive for pupils."

The IT team are also very happy with the choice and journey moving to Oliver v5. Adam Niblett, IT Director at Uppingham School comments:

“Oliver v5 is built on industry standard database technology supporting us at Uppingham to make the best use of technology available. It offers so much more functionality and is user friendly for the entire school community."

The technical and service teams at Softlink worked with the IT team at Uppingham to ensure the implementation of Oliver went as smoothly as possible, from data conversion and testing to implementation and training. Adam further comments:

“The installation by Softlink was seamless and data conversion very straight forward, the support engineer dedicated to our school was also fantastic throughout the project – on hand to answer any questions I had quickly."

Supporting culture change

With such a prime focus on improving the access to learning it is a big culture change in the way information is accessed and shared, Oliver has made this easier by delivering a central search platform for all physical and online resources. Sue concludes:

“The teaching staff have all been very enthusiastic and positive about Oliver and using it to support teaching and learning, it is being seen as a way to modernise the library journey."

Benefits of Oliver v5 for Uppingham School

  • Improved accessibility to learning resources for pupils
  • Increased interactivity in the library and it’s services
  • A raised profile of the role and benefits of the school library to staff and pupils
  • Making the best use of the latest technology to support teaching and learning

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