New functions, even greater integration

Softlink is proud to release eZRead for OverDrive and Liberty and Oliver v5 Federated Search, leading edge technologies that streamline and enhance the user-experience even further.

eZRead for OverDrive allows library users to loan and download OverDrive eContent from within the public Search interface (OPAC) – with one click. No bouncing to third party websites.

Softlink Director of Professional Services John Crook said it would be very beneficial for libraries that offer their customers an OverDrive digital platform.

‘eBooks are becoming more popular with today’s reader. People are getting used to reading from digital devices, they keep their devices with them so they can choose to read whenever they like, wherever they like without having to pre-plan or pack a separate book.’

eZRead for OverDrive helps libraries successfully deliver on their eLibrary objectives because the borrowing process is so streamlined for their users.

Softlink Chief Operating Officer, Nathan Godfrey said Softlink was excited about the potential that eZRead for OverDrive offered to information managers.

‘Our innovations team worked hard to deliver this deep digital integration between Liberty and Oliver v5 and OverDrive. Technology like eZRead for OverDrive can help libraries manage resources in the digital marketplace.’

With eZRead for OverDrive users can also check availability and place eBooks on hold, all within the single access point of Liberty or Oliver v5.

It comes with statistics for loans generated via the checkout, which will enable staff to monitor eBook usage against physical catalogue usage as well as metadata, a component that allows new books to be catalogued automatically.

John Crook said the metadata component would be very popular with library staff.

‘When you buy a new eBook from OverDrive it automatically creates a cataloguing record for you. It’s a huge time saver and makes it easy to keep catalogues up to date,’ he said.

Softlink’s second newly released technology is a brand new, fully integrated, advanced federated search module.

The federated search module is a true federated search engine with access to hundreds of popular research databases as well as the standard configurable Z39.50 sources.

It allows users to search multiple data sources, including their own local catalogue, in real time, direct from the search screen.

Softlink Chief Operating Office, Nathan Godfrey, said that the new federated search module is a cost effective option for libraries looking to provide users with advanced search capability.

‘It currently supports a list of 630 popular research databases, including EBSCOhost databases, Gale Cengage databases and ProQuest Research Databases.’

He said that having an advanced federated search tool is beneficial for all libraries.

‘Users retrieve the most up to date, real time information available, so they don’t have to worry about their research being out of date.’

The new federated search module is a highly flexible, fully integrated tool for Liberty and Oliver v5 libraries. Users access and conduct the search direct from the search screen. Libraries also benefit by eliminating the effort and expense of indexing all of their searchable content.

To find out more, or speak to a Softlink representative about eZRead for OverDrive or the new federated search module email or phone 07 3124 6111.


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