Softlink can help busy librarians and library staff to automate, streamline and improve service delivery.

Having developed library solutions for over 30 years, Softlink understands the specific and changing needs of information professionals. Softlink is committed to improving outcomes and maximising success for librarians and library staff all over the globe.

Some of the ways you can benefit:

  • Offer your users an advanced, comprehensive next generation library experience, leading to greater appreciation and patronage.
  • Meet the requirements of your organisation’s security or privacy policies or offer variable customer service level options.
  • Ensure the gateway to your library is always current and business relevant with a home page that is easy for you to modify and offers flexible formatting.
  • Enable a global view of holdings and company-wide sharing of information through easy management of collections dispersed across your organisation/s.
  • Streamline workflows and save time on administrative tasks with comprehensive management functionality and reporting tools.