Oliver v5 Flexible Options for Advanced Functionality

Oliver v5 Flexible Options for Advanced Functionality

Enhance your Oliver v5 Library Management System with dynamic, media rich and engaging optional modules.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a progress monitoring tool designed to motivate students to practice their reading through success.

Our knowledge, content and library system knows which books in your library catalogue have associated quizzes and indicates their level of difficulty and number of points that will be scored. The students can search and locate the books that have quizzes and are within their expected difficulty level.

Benefits of Accelerated Reader:

  • Appeals to readers of all capabilities by personalising reading practice to each student’s current level
  • Access more than 18,000 quizzes to test the level of reading comprehension
  • Assess students’ reading performance and vocabulary growth with quizzes and receive immediate feedback


Softlink’s Acquisitions efficiently streamlines order processing and receipt management of catalogue resources. With the ability to set up cost centres, access and review running budgets, it helps to ensure library staff are able to easily monitor expenditure and commitments against budget.


  • Configurable funds, budgets and cost centres
  • Keep track of your library budget at anytime
  • Quick entry of catalogue records at the ordering screen.


BioStore is the fastest, most versatile identity management system available. It can link library, cashless catering, registration, entry control, print/copy management, or any combination.

Biostore allows a single card or biometric to be used across applications such as:

  • Access Control
  • Cashless Catering
  • Electronic Registration
  • Library Management
  • Print and Copy Management
  • Vending Machines
  • Computer Logon

Even though these applications and services may be supplied by different vendors, users will only need to be registered once in the BioStore database. BioStore then links to an organisation’s database so that additions or changes to user accounts are reflected in all applications.

BioStore works with a wide range of identification methods, including:

  • Biometrics
  • Cards
  • PIN numbers
  • Usernames and Passwords


ChiliFresh global book reviews lets users read and write reviews for items in their library. It also uses global reviews to help students find the right book for them. To save you needing to use a third party book review system, you can now cut out the middleman as Chilifresh brings this feature right into your Oliver catalogue. This easy-to-use tool adds elements of social interaction to the catalogue yet all reviews are moderated by the library system so there is no risk of inappropriate content being displayed.

ChiliFresh Benefits Include

  • A collaborative, worldwide database of book reviews
  • An interactive, engaging element appealing to users of all ages
  • Easy configuration to filter & limit reviews by location
  • Customisable look and feel to match your Oliver catalogue

eZRead for OverDrive

eZRead for OverDrive offers the ability to download OverDrive eBook and audiobook titles with one click, directly from Oliver v5, without having to leave the search interface.   This high level of functionality is achieved by having the deepest available integration between Softlink and OverDrive.

eZRead modules are also available for Wheelers, EBL and Browns.


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Federated Search

A perfectly integrated, true federated search engine with access to over 1600 popular research databases for Oliver v5 users. Oliver v5 Federated Search allows you to search multiple data sources, including your local catalogue, in real time, direct from the Oliver v5 search screen. It’s a deeply integrated solution, which makes streamlined federated search accessible through Oliver v5.

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Mobile App - Library Link

The Library Link mobile app provides anywhere, anytime access to your school library from your mobile phone. The app allows library users to instantly search, view, reserve or renew loans at home, or on the go. Using QR codes students and staff can download reading lists or search results directly to their phone.

The Library Link Mobile App is suitable for small screen, small device use such as smart phones, it is not required for tablets/iPads. 

The Library Link app itself is free and available from iTunes. To link the application with your Oliver system, you will need to purchase Web Services API. 

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LibraryThing for libraries (LTFL) is a subscription based service that supplements your catalogue’s existing records with comprehensive book reviews. As a Web 2.0 product, it allows people from all over the world to share information via written text in the form of peer reviews, thereby promoting titles and ultimate library collections.

With over 500,000 high quality book reviews from, students can access, rate and review information at a glance as well as share their own opinions with fellow students or a wider library community.



Serials allows easy management of electronic journal and periodical subscriptions, from claims, to circulation lists and orders.  With a flexible prediction system and the ability to provide supplements and non-arrivals, this can help maximise your library’s investment in electronic journals with system features such as instant email notification of new issues arrival to interested borrowers.


  • Quick & easy check-in, claims, subscriptions processes
  • Flexible prediction patterns
  • Automated check-in processing by publisher barcode
  • Ability to catalogue individual journal articles
  • Ability to upload contents page
  • Instant email notifications of new issues.

SIP2 Integration

Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP2) provides a standard interface for communications between automated library systems and self-checkout machines, Security Gates and OverDrive (Review Module).

By integrating your system with the SIP2 protocol it means that if you are using any additional software in school that works with the SIP2 protocol, you can link this with your Softlink system.  The integration lets Oliver and the addition system talk to each other.

SIP2 employs barcode and RFID technologies and is tested with a variety of hardware providers. The integration currently works with:

  • Self Service Machines
  • Security Gates
  • OverDrive (eBooks)


  • Enables self-checkout for users, reducing staff assistance in this area
  • Improves existing circulation methods
  • Authentication with the OverDrive system to ensure users will only need to use a single login to Oliver.


Send students and staff notifications via text message regarding overdue resources, reservation notices or SDI alerts with the Oliver v5 SMS module. 


  • Quick and automatic communication to students and staff to devices they use on a daily basis 
  • Save time creating and issuing overdue notifications 

Syndetic Solutions – Bowker

You can enhance your OPAC by subscribing to “more information” about each book. Wherever there are summaries, table of contents, reviews, first chapters and cover images available on the Syndetic Solutions databases, a “more info” link appears in the Softlink system OPAC. The user can then opt to view that additional information “live” by clicking on the link.

Syndetics offers a wealth of descriptive information relating to books, eBooks, audio books, DVDs, and CDs. With Syndetics, you gain access to dozens of content enrichment elements for hundreds of thousands of titles.

Elements include:

  • Cover images
  • Tables of contents
  • Summaries and annotations
  • First chapters/excerpts
  • Author biographies
  • Authoritative reviews
  • And more


  • Visually appealing for users
  • Live link to data—saves time scanning covers
  • Author summaries
  • Seamless integration with the OPAC.

Web Services API

Benefit from complete integration between Oliver v5 and any third party system or application including school Virtual Learning Environments (VLE's). Delivering advanced functionality and enrichment of your Oliver v5 system. 


  • Integrates the library system with other school services such as Student Management and Learning systems 

  • Enables the library catalogue to be searched directly from the school VLE such as Moodle, Sharepoint and LibGuides

  • Enables Oliver v5 to communicate with the Softlink’s mobile phone app, known as Library Link