Increase knowledge and research outcomes for your firm

In today’s fast-paced information access and delivery environment, knowledge management and research are critical to the success of the law firm.  Softlink supports world leading law firms and understands that timely, pertinent knowledge ensures a firm’s competitive performance and growth.

Liberty Legal Library Software helps firms generate greater value from their knowledge and digital resources. Softlink solutions deliver 24/7 access as well as streamlining operations to save time, reduce duplication and improve efficiency.

Liberty Legal Library Software is a functionally rich, scalable solution for law firms of all shapes and sizes.  Whether your knowledge centre or law library is a digital, hybrid or traditional collection; is a one-person managed centre or has multiple branches across a wide range of diverse locations – Liberty Legal offers a SaaS, cloud or locally hosted solution to meet your needs.

Softlink can also help legal libraries to improve research support processes and maximise return on investment with an advanced knowledge and request management tool, illumin.

Legal libraries across the globe benefit from Softlink’s Liberty and illumin.